Another life in Carabooda, Blueberry Farm!

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Last summer was my best time in Australia within my working holiday.
Some friends and I were working in a Blueberry farm, which is located in Gingin.

We lived in a big sharehouse in Carabooda where just like a deserted place.
You can see numerous stars in the sky at night, and smelling the sh*t of chicken
(be used as fertilizer) in the morning.
Yes, we lived in the other tomato farm. Tomatoes were just grown behind the house.
Living with numerous stars and tomatos would charge 100 AU dollars per week.
We were far from the shopping mall, let alone the city.
But most of us were enjoying this kind of relaxing life 🙂



There are also lots of nectarines and peaches besides blueberrry.
Before harvest season coming, beautiful flowers of nectarine and peach were full of the farm.
Few weeks later, we got a job of thining and weeding. To make sure the fruits would grow perfectly.




There are several kinds of work in blueberry farm. Picking, packing, weeding, pruning,etc.
I would like to introduce the works in following pictures which were part of my diary 🙂



(it was modified, cuz it was written in Chinese :D) 


We worked with OZ family, they are super duper hard-working and treasure all the plants.
They wake up early and stop work at sunset, even work on weekend.
I love to work with them, and most of time I learn a lot from them when we work together.
They are willing to teach their workers and treat them very well.

We celebrate the grandpa’s birthday together in the farm.

We had a competition of picking blueberry, and this was my prize XD

Even if there are hard works in the farm, I love to work with the family and my colleagues <3
By the way, I LOVE BLUEBERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!



It is the best summer, I’ve ever had :”)

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