About Foodie Lya

Lya Lin
英國留學 • 吃貨食記 • 動態影像

現居英國Brighton,於Hove College進修Motion Graphics & Films的課程,除此愛上動畫跟設計之外,「吃」的意義、幸福及滿足感占了我生命中80%,夢想是可以成為一個有公信力的Food Critic!並且運用Motion Graphic來呈現我所看見的世界以及社會學想像。

This is Lya Lin from Taipei, Taiwan. I am now living in Brighton, UK. Being deeply interested in composition, animation, 3D, hand craft and motion graphic.

Besides, eating is a big part in my life. I am a foodie and only share the good food in my blog.

If you are new to Taiwan, and want to find something classic and delicious. Welcome to email me.

We can find the good food together 🙂