[FOOD] 富霸王(Fu Ba Wang) Siping Market, Taiwanese Pork Knuckle, Songjian Nanjing station


Restaurant:富霸王豬腳 (Fu Ba Wang, Taiwanese Pork Knuckle)

AddressNo. 20, Lane 115, Section 2, Nanjing E Rd, Zhongshan District


Operating Hours11:00~20:00



If you want me to recommend a restaurant which is famous for pork knuckle, I would 100% answer 富霸王! 富霸王 is near the MRT Songjian Nanjing station Exit 7.



富霸王 is a traditional Taiwanese restaurant, selling delicious Taiwanese cuisines. Of course, Pork knuckle is the best seller! Taiwanese Pork Knuckles are used to be stewed for several hours, let the flavors can be absorbed into the knuckles.


(Pork Knuckle)


I like to go there on week days, because there are always many people lining up for the delicious pork knuckle on weekends.



Besides the pork knuckle, I recommend the simple braised pork rice. It tastes a little bit sweet and full of flavor.


(Braised pork rice)


If you would like to have some fresh vegetables, braised sliced bamboo will be a good option for you. In different seasons, 富霸王 provide seasonal soup as well. You can have bamboo soup in the summer and daikon radish soup in the winter.





(Bamboo Soup)


It may cost around NT 200 dollars per person. After the meal, you can also take a walk in the 四平陽光商圈(Siping Market)

Enjoy your food and trip! 😉

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