[PERTH] McLean

Today’s Childrens’ DAY!!!!!!!!!!

I’m having holidays right now, celebrating Easter 🙂


It’s very lucky for me meeting so many good people here.

And always giving me a lot of supports & comfort.


Cooking is my favorite daily activity in the house.

I want to learn driving but I don’t have a car 🙁

The raining season is coming soon, and I’m afraid of being a “Chicken with soup”.

Ha ha ha


I’m using a new plan of my mobile phone – 2 Dollars Day

Wendy recommended it to me, cuz I always surfing website by my moblie phone.

It only charges 30 dollars per month, and providing unlimited domestic phone call and unlimited Data.

The only weakness for me is I can’t call back to Taiwan at my will anymore :(((

But luckily I got my new laptop 😀

So I could use skype face to face now***


Last week was a big struggle for me ( is it? )

Even if I can not change the result or change anything, 

I think everything has deseverd.


I am doing good and having fun right now 🙂




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